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History - How It All Started

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One of the oldest steel band in the country, the band originated in Barbados in the 1950s moved to the UK after Hallam Ifill immigrated to these shores with the remaining members following shortly after.
They settled in Bath and began performing under the name of the Barbados All Stars.
Whilst settling into UK life the All Stars began attracting younger players, who were emerging on the scene, the first of which was Toussaint Clarke. Over the years most of the original members migrated back to Barbados or retired from playing leaving Hallam and Toussaint to develop and form a new band with young recruits. Out of the ashes rises the phoenix - Rainbow was born!
Rainbow is the oldest black & minority ethnic community organisation based in Bath and since its inception Rainbow has gained National & International recognition, playing for Royalty, touring Europe and the Caribbean. Rainbow was fortunate enough to return to its Bajan roots for a tour in 1984.
The current line-up includes the legendary Earl Rodney who has been with Rainbow since 1992, taking the band to a new dimension in playing and arranging.

Percy Community Centre

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